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Fred Smith with service dog

Helping veterans and soldiers help themselves is what we do. The number of veterans and soldiers in need of support has increased dramatically in the last decade. Estimates, generally viewed as being on the low side, indicate that there are 12,000 homeless veterans and soldiers and another 14,000 suffering from PTSD. Veterans Affairs Canada has estimated that 1 in 10 military personnel that served in Afghanistan suffer from PTSD.

As we look forward to expanding and increasing the support we provide to the veterans we will require increasing levels of support. We have found that individuals, communities and community leaders have helped us in many ways. We now have to work at all levels to expand this support.


Your support will make a difference.


Generous donations provide a critical source of funding for the work we do. You can donate directly on this website with the Donate Now button at the top right. Your donations go directly to helping veterans help themselves. With your support you will help us expand our services to more veterans in despair.

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Administrative Volunteers

If you are interested in volunteering your time and expertise to our organization please contact us and let us know how you can help. As an administrative volunteer, you will play a key role in helping veterans and soldiers, and like Fred Smith, will benefit greatly from the experience of helping those in need.

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Fund Raising Events

Annual golf tournamnet

Our annual golf tournament has been a very successful fund-raiser. Individuals and organizations that support this annual event have made it a success.

Superstore barbeque

Local initiatives, like the Superstore barbeque, provide valuable support and awareness of our mission and the needs of veterans and soldiers that have served.

Community Leadership

Community Leaders

Community leaders have supported our events and provided their personal perspectives on the importance of our work. Their active presence is a testament to the value they see in what we do for veterans and soldiers.
L. to R. Walter Natynczyk, Bryan Lewis, Fred Smith, Ron MacLean & Walter Gretzky

Community Leaders

Burlington MP Katrina working with Fred Smith on VHV Foundation in the community

Service Organization

Service organizations provide help when help is needed. We rely on these organizations to support the work we do with services they provide. We will be actively seeking other organizations that offer needed services for our veterans and soldiers.

Canadian Government


Canadian Government


Canadian Legion



Soldier On


Alcoholics Anonymous


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